Centrelink Login

Centrelink, run by the Department of Human Services in Australia, processes applications and arranges payments for people who need financial assistance. Areas that Centrelink covers include child support, disability, unemployment, rent subsidies, retirement and support for Australian indigenous persons. Centrelink also provides the baby bonus and support for daycare and adopted parents.

Almost everything that you can do offline you can now do online on Centrelink. The Centrelink log on ability can only be accessed through a myGov account. This is an umbrella type membership account that offers you online access to all kinds of other services offered by the Australian Government as well.

Centrelink is responsible for processing applications and dispersing payments for people who need financial help for many reasons including unemployment, child support, disability and retirement. Centrerlink also looks after the economic wellness of Australian indigenous people, youth looking for a job and people who pay exorbitantly high rents. Centrelink also provides the baby bonus, a career allowance for daycare costs for parents who work and the family tax benefit.

Registering for Centrelink log on

To create an online myGov account to access Centrelink you have to go to the myGov website at https://my.gov.au/LoginServices/main/login?execution=e1s1. This is the official government log in site that used to be called the australia.go.au account. If you already have an australia.gov.au account then you can use your former password in the new account that you create. Once you create this you can also access medicare, the Personality Controlled eHealth Record System, DVA Services online and Disabilitycare Australia.

The account features secure access to all of the government member services as well as access to myGove mobile apps. You also get an inbox for all of your member service messages. All of your information is in one place at one time.

Centrelink Privacy and Security

In order to have a myGov website and access many of its services means that you will be trusting the Australian government with a great deal of personal information about yourself and also possibly, paternity matters to do with child support.

The account is created using an email address, mobile phone number and a password that contains at least three questions with secret answers. Once the myGov department receives this information you will be given a user name to use for a login on your myGov account. You are then transferred to Centrelink or any other service area of the government to undergo a second authentication process to make sure that your myGov account is linked to the correct records. You can opt out of any of these services at any time by contacting Member Services directly.

For more information about your privacy and security with regards to your Centrelink log on visit https://my.gov.au/mygov/content/html/privacy.html.