Family Tax Benefit

The family tax benefit is a benefit that the Department of Human Services of the Australian Government makes available for families. Both Part A and B of the benefit are meant to assist families with the cost of raising children.

Eligibility for the CentreLink Family Tax Benefit

To be eligible for the family tax benefit in general you must have a child or secondary student less than twenty years of age that is completely dependent on you. You also need to prove that you are in care of the child for at least thirty-five percent of the time.

The Family Tax Benefit Part A is a subsidy for each child and the amount assigned is based on your family’s individual circumstances. You are eligible if you care for a child who is under 16 years of age, aged 16 or 17 with a Year 12 or aged 16-19 and undertaking full-time education or training in a course leading to a year 12, has a heavy load of courses or who has been granted an exemption from any of these described requirements because of indigenous status or other reasons. In order to quality for Party you also need to fill out an “income test.”

You also need to provide proof that your children are fully immunized or on an immunization schedule to be eligible for a Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement.

The Family Tax Benefit Part B gives extra assistance to single parents and families that only have one income. This is where one parent stays at home while the other works full time. You must be caring for the child at least 35% of time and the child must be under 16 years of age or a full time secondary school student under the age of 18.

If you are a guardian, grandparent or foster parent you might also be eligible for a Family Tax Benefit Part B.
You must qualify in terms of residence and income in order to qualify for this assistance. You also can’t receive a family Tax Benefit Part B during a Parental Leave Period, however it can be paid again once the period is over.

You are not eligible for either type of payment if your child earns $14,078 or more during the financial year and is aged 5 to 15 years and is not in school or is aged 16 to 19 years and is not in school.

To qualify you are going to have to take an income test located at on the Centrelink website. If your family’s adjusted taxable income for this financial year is $48,837 or less then you will receive the full payment. For each dollar you make above and beyond that your family tax benefit is reduced by 20 cents for each dollar. If your income is above $94,316 then it is reduced by 30 cents for each dollar you make above that.

Payment Rates for Family Tax Benefit Part A
The amount of Family Tax Benefit Part A that you get paid is based on your current or proposed circumstances. It is assessed every year.

Each child from zero to twelve years is $172.20, thirteen to fifteen years is $224.00, 16 to 19 years and a secondary student is $224.00 and 16-17 years after secondary study, or over 19 and in an approved care facility is $55.16. Approved care organisations are those that take care of children who have a disability, are refugees, or who are homeless.

The base rate for each child is also $55.16. You can get up to $726.35 for each child. You must take an income text to work out how much Family Tax Benefit Part B you are actually eligible for at the end of the fiscal year.
You can also get money to help you with the cost of heating your home, for having a large family, multiple births, and child support and shared care.

Payment Rates for Family Tax Benefit Part B

This benefit pays out to a maximum of $4,171.95 if you have a child under five years. Children five to eighteen years have a maximum rate of $3,018.55. This supplement is paid out in a lump sum at the end of the financial year after you have filed your tax return. The amount of supplement paid largely depends on your family’s income and circumstance.

To be eligible for this you have to take the Income test for Family Tax Benefit part B. If you are from a single parent family with an adjusted taxable income of more than $150,000 you will not be eligible for Family Tax Benefit Part B. If you are a two-parent family you can earn up to $5,183 each year before your income is affected.
For more information about the income test for Family Tax Benefit Part B go to on the Centrelink website.

You can also find more information in general about the dual Family Tax Benefits at