Centrelink FAQ

The Department of Human Services in Australia is known as Centrelink. It does not really have a FAQ section like you would find on other government websites. Instead, it is has an A to Z list of all of its departments on a site map that you can peruse to find the information you are looking for. Issues that Centrelink covers include some provisions for include renting, homelessness, assistance for farmers, child support, apprentice subsidies, child support, health cards, disability subsidies, disaster recovery payments, drought assistance, flood assistance, health care, indigenous employment and education assistance, Medicare services, subsidies for visa holders, support for refugees, death support, support for pensioners and young people seeking to be independent. You can access the full list of services (in alphabetical order) at http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/subjects/

Centrelink FAQ

When was Centrelink started? Centrelink initially began in 1997 under the title of the Commonwealth Services Delivery Agency. That is also when offices were established across Australia to aid people in need of social security payments.

What is ABSTDY? ABSTUDY is a range of subsidies and allowances offered to indigenous students and indigenous apprentices who are seeking to better themselves in life.

What is a Career Allowance? A career Allowance if given to someone who cares for a child less than 16 years of age who has a disability.

What is the Double Orphan Pension? This is income for people who are raising children that have lost both of their parents.

What is the Newstart Allowance? The Newstart Allowance is given to people who are looking for work in Australia.

Who is eligible for the Special Benefit? This is a fund given to people who have no way of supporting themselves and are somehow not eligible for other forms of subsidies.

What is the Youth Allowance? The Youth Allowance is an income support payment that helps people aged 16-20 supports themselves while they are looking for a job.

What is the Sickness Allowance? The sickness allowance helps those that are suffering from an illness or injury that is expected to last less than two years.

What is Rent Assistance? Rent assistance is offered to non-homeowners that have a lease of at least six months and when the rent is in excess of 99.40 to single people living alone. They can collect .75 on the dollar. Rates are considerably lower for those sharing accommodation.

What is the Paid Parental Leave Scheme? The Paid Parental Leave Scheme provides support to parents who both work, and who have newborn or recently adopted children.

What is the Pharmaceutical Allowance? A small payment of $6.00 per fortnight is available to assist with the costs of prescription medicine.

What is the URL of the Centrelink website? You can find the home of Centrelink at http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/information/centrelink-website.