What is Centrelink?

Centrelink is a vital and humanitarian part of the Department of Human Services in Australia. It is responsible for the facilitation of a range of different services and payments for people from all walks of life that may have found themselves, unemployed, disabled, in need of child support, or in need of retirement funds. Centrellink also ensures the well-being of Australian indigenous peoples.

In general, Centrelink takes care of the Family Tax Benefit, rent assistance, the baby bonus allowance, child care rebate, carers allowance, child care benefit, child support (CSA), Family tax benefit and Newstart allowance.

Navigating the Centrelink Online Account

Centrelink provides Australian citizens with a variety of different services. You can manage your interaction with the program entirely by yourself by simply doing everything online. You can do so on your home computer, online, on your mobile phone or you can use a self-service terminal at a Centrelink service center. You can find ample information about the self service offered at http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/subjects/self-service Here you will find many forms to download as well as heat maps featuring agents and access points. You can also get yourself an online account here and use it to check on the progress of information, request information and update your details. Centrelink can also update you on customer service changes using your convenient online account.

The online account also allows you to check when your payments are due, your payment history and also arrange a Medicare benefit tax statement and claim. This helps keep you very organized.
If you have an online account you can also use it to receive online letters and submit online documents. You can also apply for an advance payment and request translated guides in Arabic, Karen, Chinese, Persian and Vietnamese.

Other Facts About Centrelink.

You can always use Centrelink to tell the government about changes in your circumstances and that includes an increase in income. When it comes to child support you need to report changes in circumstances as soon as possible as there are many factors that can directly affect your child support. Your Medicare status must also be frequently updated.
Centrelink is also well known for its child support services. It can help separated parents come to a child support agreement and then an assessment. There are also special payments for families and payments to help raise children.
In Australia, Centrelink payments are considered to be income and must be declared on your income tax.
To find out what kind of payments you are eligible for you can take a questionnaire at the Centrelink website called the Payment Finder at http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/payment-finder/?q=15000000000000000000000000. This questionnaire can help you explore whether any payments or support not listed here are available to you.